DELMIAWorks Plastics ERP Software

With decades of industry experience behind its powerful plastics ERP software solution, DELMIAWorks® understand the unique challenges plastics manufacturers face daily.

From fluctuating raw material prices to family tooling needs and multiple UOM conversions to special inventory consumption requirements, thousands of plastics manufacturing and processing plants around the globe have discovered solutions and achieved greater profitability with DELMIAWorks. From injection molding and extrusion to thermoforming and compounding, DELMIAWorks’ industry-specific, plastics ERP software addresses your demanding standards for on-time delivery, order accuracy, quality and pricing.

DELMIAWorks: The Plastics ERP Software Leader

With its origins in plastics manufacturing, DELMIAWorks thoroughly understands the industry and has the largest plastics processor customer base in North America. With active memberships in SPI, SPE and MAPP, DELMIAWorks keeps current on industry requirements and constantly enhances functionality to streamline processes for lean manufacturing. Our unrivaled knowledge of plastics processes and our 98% customer retention rate speaks volumes as to why DELMIAWorks is the best ERP solution for plastics.

Enhancing Productivity

DELMIAWorks provides a host of inherent and powerful plastics-specific features not found in other ERP systems. Our unique shop-floor-to-ERP approach lets you tap into data directly from your various pieces of shop floor equipment. For example, our RealTime™ Machine Monitoring module lets you know exactly what is running, where it is running and for precisely how long. By automatically tracking data directly from work centers to update inventory and the production schedule in real time, manufacturers have a more precise knowledge of how their facility is actually producing.

Industry Specific BOMs

Tool and die-based, multi-level BOMs help to reflect critical interdependencies and make scheduling and costing more accurate. Our pre-defined BOM templates address specific functions of your unique manufacturing process such as:

  • Blow Molding BOMs offer built-in parison/flash and regrind tracking.
  • Compounding BOMs allow formulas by percent or weight, tracking different material grades and blend adjustments.
  • Extrusion/Co-Extrusion BOMs give you the functionality to produce by weight and/or length.
  • Injection BOMs handle family tools, cavitation, inserts and regrind with ease and all in one BOM.
  • Thermoforming BOMs track tools, inserts, skeleton and ups with the ability to calculate material consumption by sheet or roll based on length, width and gauge.
  • Additional BOM formats such as Thermoset, RIM, Compression, Outsource, Assembly and unlimited user-defined capabilities provide users complete flexibility to fully define one or many steps in any manufacturing process.

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