Will your design pass the injection molding process?

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Producing high-quality, plastic injection-molded parts more quickly and cost-effectively than the competition has become a critical factor for manufacturing success in today’s global market. Instead of engaging in slow, expensive prototype iterations and test cycles to satisfy manufacturing requirements. Designers, mold makers, and manufacturing professionals can leverage SOLIDWORKS® Plastics mold-filling simulation software to optimize parts for manufacturability. Refine tooling to improve quality, and shorten cycle times to reduce manufacturing costs.

Virtual testing with SOLIDWORKS Plastics

While plastic part design is complex, consistently producing injection molded parts free of manufacturing defects is possible with some preparation. How do you practice for the injection molded process? The answer: Virtual testing with SOLIDWORKS Plastics mold injection simulation software.

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SOLIDWORKS Plastics Simulation

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In this white paper learn how to save time, reduce costs, and improve the quality of injection molded parts with mold-filling simulation.

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