Javelin celebrates one-year anniversary of successful merger with Cimetrix

Story by Karen Majerly on May 29, 2019

One year ago, two Canadian companies came together to form the leading design engineering and additive manufacturing solutions provider in Canada.

When Javelin Technologies and Cimetrix Solutions merged in May 2018, two talented teams became one, enhancing support to nearly 6,000 customers working in every sector of the Canadian economy – from automotive, to medical, to education, and everything in between.

Ted Lee, one of Javelin’s managing directors, says both companies had always focused on long-term, collaborative partnerships with customers that contribute to their business success.

“Our two histories are similar, in that each company has earned respect for not only the technology we offer, but also how we support that technology. Together, we’re even stronger. We provide complete end-to-end support, right through the design process to manufacturing a finished product.”

— Ted Lee, Managing Director

For the employees who provide that support, the merger has brought new opportunities.

“I was part of Cimetrix originally,” says Cory Green, Applications Engineer-in-Training. “I’m now surrounded by even more expertise and can offer a wider variety of products that benefit customers. Because of the merger, the additive manufacturing team has grown to the point that I am able to explore different parts of my role. More and more, I’m working closely with customers on the solutions that make a difference in their businesses.”

Rob Greer, Additive Manufacturing Technical Support Manager, said having a larger team, with a variety of experiences in different 3D printing technologies, makes brainstorming solutions for customers easier.

“It’s nice to be able to bounce ideas and possible solutions off each other. When you need advice or support from your teammates, someone is always available.”

He also noted Javelin’s improved presence across Canada, with offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Kitchener, Oakville, Oshawa, Montreal, and Dartmouth. Technical specialists are located across the country to provide direct assistance to customers.

“Since the merger, we have combined our tech teams to improve coverage in more regions and have been able to get to customers quicker.”

Ted Lee and James Janeteas

Ted Lee and James Janeteas

Not only has Javelin’s team grown in size and expertise, but so have their product and service offerings. At the recent grand opening event for Javelin’s expanded additive manufacturing lab, the team demonstrated how to use portable laser scanners for reverse engineering, showed off one of Canada’s first office-friendly Desktop Metal Studio Systems for printing in metal, and previewed what’s new from PostProcess for cleaning and finishing printed parts.

The new lab also increases Javelin’s capacity to help customers through professional additive manufacturing services, for those who are exceeding their current 3D printing capacity or need a larger build envelope or a different material for a certain project.

Overall, Javelin’s leaders feel the company is now even better positioned to work on the leading edge of design engineering and manufacturing well into the future.

“Our job is to bring the best products, services, training, and advice to our customers,” Lee said. “They rely on us as they create products that make a difference in their industries. We’re proud of how we have been able to continue to play that role every day while bringing two teams together. Merging two businesses isn’t a simple feat and I have to give credit to our people for making it successful.”

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