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SOLIDWORKS Custom Bundle

Save big on a SOLIDWORKS + Dell + Training Passport bundle

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Upcoming SOLIDWORKS Events

New In-person & Live Online Events to learn about SOLIDWORKS, Simulation Software & Services

Artec Leo

New 3D Scanning Bundles

Get everything you need for reverse engineering in a Scanner + Software bundle from Javelin

Free SOLIDWORKS for Startups

Free SOLIDWORKS For Startups

Get free software, training, and co-marketing resources to help your startup business succeed


SOLIDWORKS Training Passport

Save up to 63% on a SOLIDWORKS training bundle

Origin One Mid Sole Print

Stratasys Origin One

Mass production of 3D printed parts in a diverse range of high performance materials

Find a 3D Design or Manufacturing Solution for your INDUSTRY

Find a 3D Design or Manufacturing Solution for your DEPARTMENT

Featured Solutions

Cloud / Software


CNC Machine

WAZER Water Jet Cutter

3D Scanner

3D Scanners from Artec and ZEISS

3D Printer / SLA

Formlabs Form 4

What's New at Javelin

Formlabs silicone 40A resin for silicone 3D printing.

Silicone 3D Printing for Durable Parts with Formlabs 3D Printers

Introducing Silicone 40A Resin, the first accessible 100% silicone 3D printing resin from Formlabs.

WAZER Desktop CNC Machine

What is a Desktop CNC Machine?

Desktop CNC Machines are within the budgets of small businesses and workshops. But are these small workhorses good for anything? What can they do?

Workbench Water Jet Cutter

WAZER is the World’s First Workbench Water Jet Cutter

WAZER is the world’s first workbench water jet cutter. It has brought the power of water within everyone’s reach.

WAZER Pro and Desktop

WAZER Announces the Launch of WAZER Pro, Its Most Powerful and Productive Water Jet Cutter

WAZER today announced the launch of WAZER Pro, its most powerful and productive water jet, enabling any shop to cut parts in-house in any material.

TriMech Power Suite

Connecting SOLIDWORKS PDM to other systems with TriMech Power Suite

In this on-demand webinar, we discuss in greater detail the Enterprise Metadata Utility (EMU) found in TriMech Power Suite


Transform Your Spec Sheets – Form Automation using DriveWorks

Companies are using many different ways to gather the information necessary to create and deliver their products. From using handmade spec sheets and napkin drawings, to PDFs and website forms it can be a challenge…


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