Learn how to create welded structures with SOLIDWORKS

Training Course Contents

The SOLIDWORKS Weldments course is for users who design structures made out of components with constant profiles. The course will teach you how to use the weldment tools which can provide you with a 90% time saving when compared to the traditional assembly work flows.

The knowledge you will gain can be applied to various applications such as welded structures, wood decks, fences, stairs or railings. As a bonus, using Weldments allows you to rapidly analyze very large structures with much lower computational resources using SOLIDWORKS Simulation.

This training course will help you to:

  • Create weldment designs using the weldment tools in SOLIDWORKS
  • Create drawings with Cut-lists and weldment information
  • Add weld beads and weld information to your drawings
  • Use weldments in your assemblies

Course Info at a glance

In-class 2 Days (7 hours/day)

Or Online 2 Days (7 hours/day)

Hands-on Practical Training

Intermediate/Advanced Level

Course Preview

Watch the video below for an overview of the SOLIDWORKS Weldments course

Course Examples

Take a look at some of the models you will be creating during the course

Requirements & Benefits


At least 1 month using software

Able to take time out for training

Features Targeted

Beams, Gussets and End Caps

Welds and Weld Beads

Cut Lists and Properties

Skills you will acquire

Creating Welded Structures

Weldment Drawings with Cut List

Able to create custom profiles


The following lessons are included in the SOLIDWORKS Weldments course

Lesson 1: Weldment Features

  • Weldments
    • Weldment Feature
    • Weldment Configuration Options
  • Structural Members
    • The Default Profiles
    • Weldment Profiles from SOLIDWORKS Content
    • What is a Structural Member Profile?
    • Inserting Structural Member
    • Weldment Profiles Folder Structure
    • Groups
    • Corner Treatment Options
    • Individual Corner Treatments
    • Profile Position Settings
  • Groups vs Structural Members
    • Trim/Extend Options
    • Sketch Considerations
    • Trim Order
  • Adding Plates and Holes
  • Gussets and End Caps
    • Gusset Profile and Thickness
    • Locating the Gusset
    • End Cap Parameters
  • Using Symmetry
  • Advantages of a Multibody Part
  • Limitations of a Multibody Part
  • Exercise 1: Sign Holder
  • Exercise 2: Weld Table
  • Exercise 3: Suspension Frame
  • Exercise 4: Evaporator Support

Lesson 2: Working with Weldments

  • Managing the Cut List
  • Cut List Item Names
  • Accessing Properties
  • Cut-List Properties Dialog
  • Structural Member Properties
  • Adding Cut List Properties
  • Bounding Boxes in Weldments
    • Editing a Bounding Box
  • Options for Generating Cut List Items
    • Manually Managing Cut List Items
    • Creating Sub-weldments
    • Using Selection Filters
  • Custom Structural Member Profiles
    • Modifying a Profile
    • Transferred Information from Profiles
  • Defining Material
  • Creating Custom Profiles
  • Standard or Configured Profiles
  • Inserting Existing Parts
    • Locate Part and Move/Copy Body
  • When to Use an Assembly
  • Exercise 5: Weld Table Cut List
  • Exercise 6: Picnic Table
  • Exercise 7: Insert Part

Lesson 3: Configuring and Detailing Weldments

  • Weldment Configurations
    • Adding Configurations
  • Post-Assembly Machining Features
    • Feature Scope
  • Weldment Drawings
  • Drawing Views of Individual Bodies
    • Select Drawing View Bodies
    • Using Display States
    • Isolate
    • Using Relative View
    • Cut List Tables
  • Representing Welds
    • Weld Symbols
    • Other Weld Annotations
    • Fillet Beads
    • Weld Bead Feature
    • Weld Tables
  • Exercise 8: Detail Picnic Table
  • Exercise 9: Representing Welds

Lesson 4: Working with Bent Structural Members

  • Working with Bent Structural Members
  • 3D Sketching
    • Using Reference Planes
    • Space Handle
    • Subset of Sketch Entities and Relations
    • Creating a 3D Sketch Plane
    • Active Planes
    • Visibility controls
    • Merge Arc Segment Bodies
    • Optional: Finishing Details
  • Exercise 10: Chair Frame
  • Exercise 11: Bent Tubing, Sheet Metal, and Assemblies

Lesson 5: Introduction to Structure System

  • Structure System
  • Primary vs Secondary Members
    • Primary Member Types
  • Secondary Members
    • Corner Management
  • Exercise 12: Shed Frame


"The instructor was very knowledgeable about Weldment features, and provided great examples on how to properly utilize them."

— Lovepreet Samra, Musashi

"Learned that the SOLIDWORKS Weldments tools can be applied to woodworking."

— Jeff Reid, JEC

"This course was useful for making slides, handlers, and other similar applications"

— Phil Vermeeren, JEC

"Learned that the SOLIDWORKS Weldments tools can be applied to woodworking."

— Jeff Reid, JEC

Training Methods

Choose from three different training methods available to you

SOLIDWORKS Group Training

Group/Public Training

Receive SOLIDWORKS training as a group in a traditional classroom environment.

Classes can be taken in one of our 12 training locations across Canada using SOLIDWORKS approved training content and methodologies.

  • Cost effective training method.
  • Leave the office to concentrate on learning.
  • Learn more through group questions and feedback.
SOLIDWORKS Online Training

Live Online Training

With our online training you will experience an interactive learning environment where you can give feedback, gain access to the SOLIDWORKS training files and get time to work on training exercises.

  • Online courses are typically half day sessions.
  • More effective than video based training, with recorded videos learners are often not as focused on the training and skip exercises.
SOLIDWORKS Onsite Training

Onsite at your location

Receive training at your place of work. This style of flexible training is perfect for teams or individuals who are faced with a specific challenge and require personalized courses with on-the-job coaching.

  • Use our state-of-the-art mobile classroom at your facility.
  • Bring your team up to a consistent level of knowledge by having them take the same training at the same time.
  • Benefit from flexible scheduling options.

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