Rapid Pattern Making using ExactFlat for Apparel and Consumer Goods Design

The clothing and apparel design industry, while often deemed incredibly innovative in design risk-taking, is ironically simultaneously characterized as medieval in its resistance to change when it comes to the apparel manufacturing process.

Of course, this is partly due to the fact that the product cycle (i.e. fashion season) is only 3-4 months at most. Combine this short shelf-life with the increasing pressure to cut-cut-cut costs, while trying to produce faster, leaves little readiness for even attempting to test a new processes.

What makers and large-scale industries fail to realize is that with short-run productions it is more important then ever to have advantages in decreasing the time spent on the trial and error loop in order to be more effective. And the way to do this is to have a more efficient 3D to 2D pattern making process put in place.

Download the white paper to learn about the efforts currently being made to integrate 3D simulation technologies such as 3D body scanning and 2D to 3D garment simulation into the process of apparel design.

The white paper includes:

  • Problems with Old School Pattern Making Processes
  • Introducing 3D Technologies in Garment Making
  • 3D Body Scanning
  • Identifying & Resolving 3D Pattern Flattening Concerns
  • Changing the Process with Rapid Pattern Making.
  • 3D vs Physical World Apparel Making
  • So is 3D to 2D Rapid Pattern Making for You?