SOLIDWORKS 2021 Assembly Performance


Access and work on your assemblies more efficiently with SOLIDWORKS 2021. Watch the demo to learn about the latest assembly performance enhancements:

SOLIDWORKS 2021 Assembly Performance enhancements include:

  • To improve working with Lightweight components, there is now a more streamlined approach to accessing their assembly and feature information. Simply expanding a component from the Feature Manager Tree will now dynamically load components on demand giving you access to the fully resolved sub-assembly or part. This prevents unnecessary loading of large assemblies, but allows you to quickly access and resolve the components you’re working on as needed. Components in subassemblies remain in lightweight mode until you expand them.
  • Performance Evaluation Checks for Circular References provides detection of circular references in assemblies.
  • Assembly performance is improved when:
    • Opening resolved and lightweight assemblies
    • Updating assemblies that have many mates
    • Closing assemblies without saving

As you spend time creating and working within your assembly designs in SOLIDWORKS 2021, you will find more streamlined tools to help you assemble, pattern and analyze your assemblies.

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