SOLIDWORKS 2021 Drawing and Detailing Enhancements


Detailing Mode for Drawings has been enhanced in SOLIDWORKS 2021 to support the creation of Detail, Break and Crop views. Hole callouts are now supported in Detailing Mode, content and characteristics for existing notes can be now be modified, and existing dimensions can be fully edited including tolerance values and arrow type. See the new enhancements in action:

Additional enhancements to SOLIDWORKS 2021 Drawings include:

  • Transparent dimension preview when placing dimensions to make picking additional items easier.
  • Location of the Hatch Pattern File. You can save the hatch pattern file, sldwks.ptn, in any searchable folder so it is not overwritten when you upgrade SOLIDWORKS®. This is useful if you customize the file. Previously, the hatch pattern file was saved in a SOLIDWORKS installation folder and was overwritten with the default file every time you upgraded SOLIDWORKS.
  • A new user interface for geometric tolerancing improves your workflow. You work directly in the graphics area, and the interface guides you as you build feature control frames cell-by-cell.
  • Faster High-Quality Display of Cosmetic Threads. Optimal use of available cores provides faster processing of high-quality HLR display of cosmetic threads.
  • When working with sketch geometry on a drawing, it is common to add relations just as you would in the sketch environment. Previously, these relations were in the property manager, but now in SOLIDWORKS 2021, the Sketch Relations pop-up toolbar is available, allowing you to apply sketch relations with minimal mouse travel.

Improved performance of Detailing Mode and drawing tool enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2021 will speed up your drawing creation even more.

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