SOLIDWORKS 2021 Drawing Performance


SOLIDWORKS 2021 Drawing zoom and pan performance for massive drawings has improved significantly resulting in a more consistent and predictable experience when navigating a drawing.

Every year DS SOLIDWORKS focuses on enhancements, quality and performance. This year SOLIDWORKS dedicated 58% of its resources on the number one thing that customers asked for…performance.

SOLIDWORKS Drawing performance enhancements include:

  • Detailing Mode was introduced in SOLIDWORKS 2020 to allow users to open massive drawings in seconds, and for assemblies, the Enhanced Graphics Performance option was implemented to take advantage of high-end graphics cards by moving the graphics burden to the card. For SOLIDWORKS 2021, the Enhanced Graphics Performance option has been extended to the drawing environment.
  • For years, the SOLIDWORKS development team has been working diligently to write code, and partner with hardware vendors, to continue to raise the bar for performance. With the Enhanced Graphics Performance option paired with modern OpenGL 4.5 graphics cards, SOLIDWORKS 2021 is a validation of the hard work.
  • Faster High-Quality Display of Cosmetic Threads. Optimal use of available cores provides faster processing of high-quality HLR display of cosmetic threads.

With SOLIDWORKS 2021 you can now work faster with large, complex drawings.

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