SOLIDWORKS 2021 eDrawings


eDrawings excels at allowing you to share your 3D concepts while protecting your intellectual property. eDrawings 2021 gives you more options to make communicating your ideas easier than ever.

eDrawings 2021 enhancements include:

  • eDrawings displays annotations in the text scale specified for the 3D View in SOLIDWORKS part and assembly files.
  • You can view custom and configuration-specific properties of SOLIDWORKS files in eDrawings.
  • You can now use the Measure tool to measure distances between planar-cylindrical and cylindrical-cylindrical faces. Different options specify the distance to measure when you select arcs or circles.
  • eDrawings Web HTML files now support the Move and Measure tools. Move is available for assembly files (.EASM, .SLDASM). Measure is available for all eDrawings and SOLIDWORKS file formats.

eDrawings 2021 makes it easier for you to share and collaborate on your SOLIDWORKS designs.

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