In SOLIDWORKS 2021, Sheet metal edge flanges can now be created along non-linear edges. A new colour picker is available to help precisely define Appearances. Extended support for colours and appearances for 3MF export and import. Equations can now be evaluated in Custom Properties, Weldment and Sheet Metal Cut List Properties. New trims for Weldments and a new manipulator for selecting pierce points in Structure Systems.

SOLIDWORKS 2021 introduces many enhancements to extend the already robust capabilities when working with parts. Part design enhancements include redo on more than 60 features, Edge Flanges on non-planar edges, Equations in File Properties, and the ability to use the colour picker anywhere.

SOLIDWORKS 2021 Part enhancements include:

  • Redo available for over 60 features and commands in parts.
  • Sheet metal for edge flanges on non-planar tangent edges.
  • Complex flanges can be flattened.
  • Ability to add and evaluate equations in file properties and cut list properties.
  • Part-level materials transferable when you insert or mirror part, derived component part, or mirrored component part
  • 3MF File enhancements. SOLIDWORKS® 2021 features extended graphical support for 3MF files. 3MF is an industry consortium working to define a 3D printing format that allows design applications to send full-fidelity 3D models to a mix of other applications, platforms, services, and printers.
  • Picking Colour for Appearances from External Applications. You can click and drag the dropper icon to pick a color from external applications for appearances. SOLIDWORKS 2021 offers improved performance for occlusion culling, silhouette edges, and drawings. You can switch configurations quickly.
  • Semi-Transparent Text for Dimensions. When you use Smart Dimension to define dimensions, the dimension text is semi-transparent during placement. You can see and select geometry that is behind the dimension text.
    Once you define the dimension, the dimension text is fully visible.
  • Graphical Manipulator in Structure System. You can interact graphically on screen with the profile of the structural member. When you select the profile, the graphical manipulator appears in the graphics area at the pierce points. You can drag the profile horizontally or vertically, or rotate it to suit your alignment. When you drag the profiles, they automatically update in the Profile PropertyManager.
  • Correct Cut List Length of Weldment Member. You can calculate the correct cut list length of a weldment member in the cut list properties.
  • Trims for Miter Joints. You can trim member bodies in weldments along a line where they bisect at an angle or meet full flush.
  • Generating Cut List IDs. You can generate cut list IDs or unique reference IDs for each cut list in a cut list folder based on the cut list attributes.

With SOLIDWORKS 2021 you will gain more options and flexibility for part design.

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