SOLIDWORKS 2021 User Experience


SOLIDWORKS is known for its intuitive and customizable user interface. In SOLIDWORKS 2021 the user experience gets even better with enhancements that make you more productive and allows you to focus on your designs.

By listening closely to the user base, SOLIDWORKS 2021 comes packed with enhancements that make it even easier to use and more customizable.

SOLIDWORKS 2021 User Experience includes:

  • Collapsible CommandManager. You can collapse the CommandManager to show only the tabs until you want to access the tools.
  • An improved colour picker that can reference other applications such as a web browser.
  • A command search within the Customize dialog making it easy to customize toolbars, a collapsible Command Manager which gives you more space to work, as well as semi-transparent dimensions that make it easy to select entities on dimension creation.
  • System option shows translated feature names in FeatureManager® design tree.
  • Accelerated Zoom. In the graphics area, you can press Shift + mouse wheel for accelerated zooming.
  • Welcome Dialog Box Background Colours. The brightness of the Welcome dialog box varies according to the selected background.

With SOLIDWORKS 2021 you no longer have to find the perfect balance between user interface and access to the tools you need. Simply customize your workspace using these new enhancements so that you can focus on your design

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