SOLIDWORKS 2022 Assemblies


Performance for assemblies has never been better, and SOLIDWORKS 2022 introduces simplified approaches to working with lightweight modes. Pattern-driven patterns are enhanced to give you more flexibility. A new Configuration Table enables you to do more with your design without leaving SOLIDWORKS.

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Assemblies Highlights

  • Opening Subassemblies in a Different Mode: You can open a subassembly in Large Design Review or resolved mode from an assembly opened in Large Design Review mode. You can also open a drawing in Detailing mode.
  • Excluding a Component from a Bill of Materials: You can exclude a component, configuration, or model from the bill of materials (BOM). When you select this option, the exclusion occurs the next time you insert the component, configuration, or model.
  • Configuration Table: You can use Configuration Table to modify configuration parameters for parts and assemblies. SOLIDWORKS creates this table automatically when the part or assembly has multiple configurations. The configuration table extends the functionality provided in the Modify Configurations dialog box.
  • Default Seed Position for Patterns: SOLIDWORKS selection for the default seed position is improved when you create Pattern Driven Component Patterns.
  • Excluding Failed Components in a Section Views: When SOLIDWORKS cannot calculate a section view in an assembly, you can exclude the components causing the failure, switch to a graphics-only section view, or edit settings in the PropertyManager.
  • Resolving Equations in Lightweight Mode: When you open an assembly in lightweight mode, components referenced by equations in the top-level assembly display as resolved.
  • Move with Triad: The triad appears automatically when you select one or more components.
  • Quick Mates Context Toolbar: By default, Add/Finish Mate is hidden in the Quick Mates context toolbar for the following mates: coincident, concentric, parallel, symmetric, and tangent.
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