SOLIDWORKS 2022 Drawings


SOLIDWORKS 2022 Drawings features a redesigned Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing interface lets you work faster and more intuitively. You can open any drawing in Detailing mode directly from your Large Design Review assembly. Weldment cut lists are now available directly in your Bill of Materials.

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Drawings Highlights

  • Cropping an Alternate Position View: You can create a cropped view of an alternate position view.
  • Predefined Views: When you create a predefined view in a drawing, you can specify the model orientation as trimetric, dimetric, or flat pattern. This is helpful if you need drawing templates that contain specific predefined views.
  • Detailing Mode: Detailing mode is available for all drawings (except detached drawings), regardless of the SOLIDWORKS version in which you saved the drawing or whether you saved the drawing in Detailing mode.
  • Geometric Tolerance Symbols: The user interface for geometric tolerancing improves your workflow. You work directly in the graphics area, and the interface guides you as you build feature control frames cell-by-cell.
  • Switching Between Radius and Diameter Dimensions: In drawings, parts, and assemblies, for dimensions of arcs and circles, you can use the context toolbar to switch the dimension to display as a radius, diameter, or linear diameter.
  • Bend Lines in Drawing Views: In flat pattern drawing views of sheet metal parts, bend lines are independent of sketches. You can hide sketches while keeping bend lines visible. Previously, if you hid sketches in a flat pattern view, the bend lines would also be hidden.
  • Bill of Materials: The user interface for bill of materials (BOMs) tables has been updated for ease of use. When you expand or collapse a BOM, the selectable area spans the entire side of the BOM table.
  • Cut List Support in BOM Tables: The user interface and functionality for detailed cut lists in Bill of Materials (BOM) tables has been updated for ease of use.
  • Symmetric Linear Diameter Dimensions: You can create symmetric linear diameter dimensions for diameter dimensions that need only one side of a leader displayed. This is helpful for drawings with turned components and detailed section views.
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