SOLIDWORKS 2022 Graphics


SOLIDWORKS 2022 takes another step in refining its graphics architecture to make your experience smoother. Redesigned Cosmetic Threads allow you to clearly visualize your design.

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Graphics Highlights

SOLIDWORKS 2022® offers improved performance for 3D textures and silhouette edges.

  • Functionality Performance Improvement: 3D textures 3D textures accelerate the process of refining the mesh to better match the detail in the textural appearance image. You can further refine the Maximum Element Size below its previous limit.
  • Silhouette edges: Performance is improved for rendering silhouette edges in dynamic mode.
    You can see the silhouette edges in Shaded With Edges mode.
  • Cosmetic threads: When you apply a cosmetic thread to a part, any underlying appearances or textures on the part appear between the cosmetic threads.
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