SOLIDWORKS 2022 combines the advantages of mesh data with the accuracy of parametric features with enhancements to hybrid part modeling. Create the geometry you want faster with the external threaded stud feature, bi-directional draft, and mirroring about two planes. Enhancements to Structure Systems allow you to generate weldments more rapidly.

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Parts Highlights

  • Coordinate Systems: Coordinate systems have improved in how you define and select them.
  • Cosmetic Threads: Cosmetic threads have improved in appearance and ease of use.
  • Draft Across Parting Lines: You can create draft on both sides of parting lines at the same time from the PropertyManager. Previously, this process required multiple drafts.
  • External Threaded Stud Wizard: You can use the Stud Wizard to create external threaded stud features. This tool works similar to the Hole Wizard. You define the stud parameters then position the studs on the model. You can also apply thread parameters to existing circular studs.
  • Hole Wizard Slots: When you create and position Hole Wizard slots, press Tab to rotate the orientation 90° clockwise. You can dimension the slot length using the arc centers.
  • Hybrid Modeling: You can create a hybrid solid or surface body that includes mesh BREP geometry and standard SOLIDWORKS BREP geometry. Previously, you could not combine mesh BREP and standard SOLIDWORKS BREP geometries in a single body.
  • Mirroring About Two Planes: You can mirror about two planes at once. Previously, you needed to create multiple features to achieve this.
  • Rotating a Section View About a Hole or Axis: In parts and assemblies, you can rotate a section view plane about an axis, temporary axis, hole, or cylindrical face.
  • Thickness Analysis Resolution: To optimize the results of a thickness analysis, you can specify the resolution, regardless of the model size. Previously, the resolution used depended on the model size.
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