SOLIDWORKS 2022 User Experience


SOLIDWORKS 2022 continues to refine the user experience with delighters such as the new Command Search in Shortcut Bar. Enhancements to section view, reference geometry display, Selection Sets, and redesigned notifications will bring you a cleaner and more efficient interface.

SOLIDWORKS 2022 User Experience Highlights

  • Dismissed Messages: You can view the full information about dismissed messages on a separate tab in the System Options dialog box. Previously, dismissed messages were truncated and harder to find.
  • Message Bar: A Message Bar is a modeless bar at the top of the main SOLIDWORKS window that provides information specific to the active document.
  • Redesigned Notifications: Notifications are redesigned so they are more intuitive and use a consistent layout. This includes informational, acknowledgement, warning, and error messages.
  • Shortcut Bar and Command Search: Search All Commands appears in the shortcut bar by default so you can quickly search for tools from the pointer location and add them to the shortcut bar. You can customize shortcuts directly from the shortcut bar.
  • General Usability: The user interface is enhanced to improve productivity.
  • Reference Geometry: Reference geometry has improved usability that helps you select axes and planes directly in the graphics area. This is useful for commands such as Mate, Measure, or patterns.
  • Component Name and Description: You can use the Component Name and Description dialog box to specify display options for the FeatureManager design tree.
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