SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2021


SOLIDWORKS 2021 Electrical Schematic new Terminal Types Manager allows us to define what wire terminals to use with a specific terminal strip for greater control and design accuracy. Entire terminal strips can be directly documented and managed. Separate Routing Assemblies of Cables will simplify and speed up the development process by choosing what to route and at what time.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2021 enhancements include:

  • Symbols for Terminal Strips. You can associate a specific terminal symbol used in a terminal drawing either to a manufacturer part or to a terminal symbol used in a schematic. This allows you to have a different representation of the terminals in the terminal strip drawing.
  • Excluding a Manufacturer Part from a BOM. You can use the Exclude from bill of materials property in the Manufacturer part properties dialog box to show or hide components in a BOM. The property propagates into assemblies and 3D parts.
  • Add-In for Excel Automation. You can install a Microsoft Excel® add-in that helps create data for the Excel Automation feature (requires Excel Microsoft 64-bit edition).
  • Managing Wires. You have more options to manage wires in the project.
  • Archiver and Scheduling Process. You can archive the SOLIDWORKS Electrical projects and environment by running EwEnvironmentArchiver.exe. The EwEnvironmentArchiver.exe file runs on Windows® 10. You can schedule the archive process using Windows Task Scheduler.
  • SOLIDWORKS Electrical Viewer. You can now visualize project drawings using the SOLIDWORKS Electrical Viewer.
  • Creating Multiple Drawings Simultaneously. You can simultaneously create multiple drawings from a book, a folder, or a drawing. You can select both the quantity and the type of drawings.
  • Generating Separate Routing Assemblies of Cables. You can generate a separate routing assembly of cables. Specify the Separate 3D route assembly option in the cable properties. You can select one, several, or all cables to route.
  • Using Splines in Routes. You can route electrical harnesses using splines.

These new and improved functionalities in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2021 allows designers to create more complex and more feature-rich functionality by bridging the needs of Mechanical, Electrical, and Electronics disciplines.

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