SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2022


SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2022 allows you to save time loading exactly the results display you want with the new Scene Plot. Locate critical results in your design with the new Merged Plots, which allow you to clearly see differences between studies at a glance.

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2022 Highlights

SOLIDWORKS® Flow Simulation is a separately purchased product that you can use with SOLIDWORKS Standard, SOLIDWORKS Professional, and SOLIDWORKS Premium.

  • Scene Plot stores all displayed plots, model orientation, zoom, and part visibility. Switching between scenes displays the plots saved in the scene and retains the corresponding model display, zoom, and orientation.
  • Compare Summary: The Compare and Parametric Studies include a Results Summary.
  • Compare Merged Plots: With the Compare tool, you can merge plots from different projects to see critical results in one image.
  • Compare Difference Plot: With the Compare tool, you can create a plot image displaying the difference of one particular case to a reference case.
  • Heat Source: The specific power (W/m3) can be dependent on local (calculated in the cell) temperature in formula or table dependency.
  • Range Function: The RANGE function gets goal values at any time during calculation. This lets you model complex behavior of the transient system, for example, power derating based on a temperature sensor.
  • Remove Missing Entities: You can automatically remove reference geometry (faces, edges, and points) of missing or suppressed bodies from the selection.
  • Check Geometry: You can create solid and fluid bodies for Improve Geometry Handling mode.
  • Goals: You can show equation goals based on defined goals after calculation.
  • Flux Plot: You can display a Flux Plot in the Transient Explorer.
  • Surface Parameters: Crop region is accounted for when evaluating surface parameters.
  • Probes are copied to projects together with plots that define the probes.
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