SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation Buyer’s Guide

SOLIDWORKS® Flow Simulation software makes it easier and faster to determine the impact of liquid or gas flow on your product designs before any parts are made.

Unmatched in the industry, this suite of easy-to-use tools takes all of the complexity, difficulty and guesswork out of the user experience. It leverages intelligent technology, that is built into the SOLIDWORKS platform, to accelerate innovation and development.

Have you ever experienced a flow problem? Put that in the past and optimize your designs early on by understanding how liquid and gas will impact their real-world performance.

With SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation you can efficiently analyze the effects of fluid flow, heat transfer, and related forces on your products and compare multiple “what if” scenarios to help you optimize designs quickly.

Download our SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation Buyer’s Guide and you’ll discover:

How Canadian companies like Aerovelo are using concurrent CFD to develop innovations in aerodynamics. Plus the SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation Buyer’s Guide includes:

  • The SOLIDWORKS Flow advantage
  • Add-ons available for SOLIDWORKS Flow
  • How Flow Simulation is fully embedded within SOLIDWORKS
Areovelo speed bike

Aerovelo speed bike

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