SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2022


SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2022 gives you native support for SOLIDWORKS® Assemblies and Drawings, which drastically improves workflows. API support in the Inspection add-in expands your ability to automate documentation processes.

SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2022 Highlights

SOLIDWORKS® Inspection is a separately purchased product that you can use with SOLIDWORKS Standard, SOLIDWORKS Professional, and SOLIDWORKS Premium, or as a completely separate application.

  • Supported File Types: SOLIDWORKS Inspection Standalone supports SOLIDWORKS (.SLDPRT, .SLDASM, .SLDDRW) and NX™/Unigraphics® (.prt) files.
  • Smart Extract: The Smart Extract tool has improved character recognition and parsing. This improves accuracy when extracting information from pdf files.

About SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2022

For companies that create inspection documents, SOLIDWORKS® Inspection automates the ballooning of engineering drawings and 3D files with Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI), minimizes the time needed to record inspection measurements, and streamlines the creation of industry-standard inspection reports by leveraging existing 2D and 3D CAD data.

Quality control and planning often involve the creation of documents such as drawings with balloon callouts and inspection reports. This time-consuming task is usually the responsibility of designers or quality inspectors. They can spend hours every day manually creating all these documents and ensuring the parts they designed are manufactured according to specifications.

SOLIDWORKS Inspection is a First Article Inspection (FAI) and in-process inspection solution that greatly simplifies and automates the reporting process. SOLIDWORKS Inspection is easy to use, integrated with SOLIDWORKS CAD, and available as a standalone application to work with other CAD systems. Companies can easily deploy it, train their quality departments, and start to optimize their inspection and quality processes. This saves time, lowers costs, and wins more business by eliminating the bottlenecks in quality inspection and increasing throughput in manufacturing.

  • Saves up to 90% of time performing inspections and creating inspection documents.
  • Helps to create detailed reports in minutes.
  • Improves time-to-market.
  • Eliminates errors and inconsistencies.
  • Supports a variety of 2D and 3D CAD data as well as PDF and TIFF files.
  • Complies with industry standards.
  • Quickens Return of Investment (ROI)
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