SOLIDWORKS Manage 2021


SOLIDWORKS Manage 2021 increases your design management efficiency and collaboration like never before. New Project Management tools allow you to visualize and plan your design tasks with ease. Powerful new Bill of Material editing tools allow to structure your BOM more quickly and accurately. And, sharing designs with outside contractors has never been easier!

SOLIDWORKS Manage 2021 includes:

  • New share file option. You can share files from SOLIDWORKS Manage with anyone, even if they do not have SOLIDWORKS Manage installed. To share a file, right-click and select Share.
    • File data can be shared with users who do not have direct access to system.
    • Ability to share files via web page link or email message; link is time-based and can be set to expire as desired.
  • SOLIDWORKS Manage offers more capabilities for managing and exporting Bill of Materials.
    • You can check out and edit the Bill of Materials (BOM) values of a parent file without checking out its child files or items (available only for limited field types).
    • You can export a BOM in tree format with Export BOM items in Tree Style. The BOM export settings of the selected object are applicable for all files and items of the BOM.
    • You can compare all the levels of BOMs by specifying the Multi-line compare option in the Bill of Materials (BOM) compare tool.
    • You can create linked records directly from a BOM view even if the record is not checked out.
    • Modeless windows now allow you to open multiple records and work in both at the same time, facilitating the ability to copy and paste from one Bill of Materials to another.
    • From within a Bill of Materials, familiar editing tools like “cut” are now available. Cut items turn orange, indicating that they are currently undergoing a cut operation and once the Bill of Materials is saved, they disappear from the list as you would expect.
  • New for Manage 2021 is the ability to create project lists. Lists can be created to meet individual needs or defined by an admin and shared globally. Project lists provide easy visibility to powerful resource management tools like scheduling, capacity planning, and load charts, helping you make informed decisions about project start dates.
  • New data service automatically updates project stage progress, resources and deliverables from related task data at specified time interval.
  • SOLIDWORKS Manage 2021 provides new ways to visualize project tasks. Out of the box task dashboards are accessible directly from the project and provide clear visibility to project task burn down as well as status and priority.

SOLIDWORKS Manage 2021 provides new ways to manage your projects, edit your Bills of Material, and interact with suppliers, increasing your design management efficiency and collaboration like never before.

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