Control and Organize Inspection Data with PDM Integration

SOLIDWORKS PDM’s integration with SOLIDWORKS Inspection provides a powerful solution for managing quality and inspection documentation while streamlining workflows and assuring full traceability.

Manage your inspection data

SOLIDWORKS Inspection is a simple-to-use, easy-to-learn quality control solution that streamlines the creation of inspection documentation. With direct access to the secure vault in SOLIDWORKS PDM, your quality team can easily find and view all the relevant design data along with its associated Inspection project information.

  • As the process of physically inspecting the design gets underway, any measurement data collected can also be stored in the vault and then imported directly into your Inspection report color-coding the drawing characteristics for clarity and immediate comparison, significantly reducing the risk of data translation errors and inconsistencies.
  • Once physical Inspection is complete, you can use SOLIDWORKS Inspection to automatically generate your first article inspection report using a variety of industry standards, or one specific to your organization. At the same time, SOLIDWORKS PDM automatically attaches the report as a reference to its associated Inspection Project, providing complete traceability for all stakeholders.
  • When you check your project back into the PDM vault, critical information can be automatically added to the PDM data card, ready for other members of your organization to view, and any changes made in Windows Explorer can be propagated back to the Inspection project.
  • When your project is ready for review, SOLIDWORKS PDM workflows can automate tracking of approvals, eliminating the need for manual sign-off procedures. Just follow the next workflow step defined for your project and SOLIDWORKS PDM will take care of notifying the right people, maintaining both accuracy and accountability.
  • Using the interactive live preview, Inspection documents can be reviewed instantly right in Windows Explorer, even if reviewers don’t use Inspection. When you’re finished, a workflow status change can finalize Inspection document approval, complete with electronic signature, helping your business meet regulatory compliance such as FDA or ISO.

SOLIDWORKS provides a powerful solution for managing quality and inspection documentation thus reducing your overall product development time, improving quality, and enabling your engineers to spend more time on design and innovation.



SOLIDWORKS® Product Data Management (PDM) products manage and synchronize your design data across your entire enterprise with a single, easily deployable solution tightly integrated with SOLIDWORKS 2019.

By leveraging a secure vault, you can extend the access to your 3D design environment and associated files, for all participants from engineering through manufacturing. This enables everyone involved in your projects to share information and collaborate on designs, while automatically protecting your intellectual property with the automated version and revision control systems.


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