SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2020 Geometry Based Conditions

SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2020 streamlines and simplifies the process in setting up your plastic injection mold simulations by allowing you to reference the 3D geometry without the need for meshing.

SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2020 Geometry Based Conditions saves time and provides dynamic updates as the 3D models change.

Preparing your injection molding simulations is now faster and more intuitive in SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2020. You can now define more set up criteria and parameters directly to the 3D model without the need to first mesh any geometry.

  • Domains define the physical elements of your design and are used by SOLIDWORKS Plastics to define what to simulate on each component. You can now simply right click and define these domains from the Plastics Study prior to meshing any of the geometry.
  • Likewise Boundary Conditions define the functional parameters of your simulation, such as the injection location into your cavities including plastic flow rates; the clamp force and shutoff direction of the mold and cooling inputs and outputs to define the cooling parameters of the injection molding process.
  • Just like Domains, these Boundary Conditions can now be applied directly to the three-dimensional model without the need to first mesh any of the geometry.

This saves you time in setting up your plastics simulations, and also allows the Domains and Boundary Conditions to update when changes are made to the 3D model.

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