SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2023


SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2023 will speed up your analysis process with new enhancements for every FEA engineer.

Contact problems are typically some of the most time-intensive solves in FEA, and Simulation 2023 introduces the ability to adjust the Contact Penalty Stiffness for any study containing contact. This allows the you to trade accuracy for solve time when running initial studies or multiple analyses searching for an optimized design. Bonded contacts are now more flexible than ever, with the ability to bond non-touching faces that are at extreme angles to one another. Simulation Professional and Premium include hyper-realistic Under constrained Body feedback and extension of the linkage rod connector into nonlinear static and dynamic studies.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2023 Highlights

  • Penalty Stiffness Control for Contact: You can specify a scale factor (0.01 – 1) for the penalty stiffness for contact that is used in linear static studies. Select a lower scale factor to obtain an approximate solution faster to assess design iterations and the overall behavior of a model.
  • Improved Bonding Interactions for Non-touching Faces: An improved surface-to-surface bonding algorithm allows bonding interactions for faces that are not facing each other and have no projection area between them.
  • Diagnostic Tools Fly-out Menu: Easily access all your favorite Diagnostic Tools with the new fly-out menu in the Simulation Command Manager
  • Enhanced Under constrained Bodies Solver: With the implementation of a new Single Value Decomposition solver. Under constrained Bodies has dramatically faster solve times and improved visualization of under constrained bodies (Professional and Premium versions only)
  • Linkage Rod Connector for Nonlinear Studies: The Linkage Rod connector (previously only offered in Linear Static studies) is now available for Nonlinear Static and Dynamic Studies (Professional and Premium versions only)

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