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What is SOLIDWORKS Extended Reality (XR) Exporter?

SOLIDWORKS Extended Reality (XR) Exporter is a new export type in SOLIDWORKS CAD called “Extended Reality” (.glTF and .glb) that allows you to create Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Web experiences based off the true SOLIDWORKS data, rather than painstakingly remodelling the data in extended reality applications.

The resulting file incorporates rich features from SOLIDWORKS such as geometry, appearances, textures, animations, exploded views, display states, configurations and metadata into a single file format.

What are the benefits of using the SOLIDWORKS XR Exporter?

You can re-play animations you created inside SOLIDWORKS CAD, toggle through pre-defined Display States, or trigger an Exploded Animation within supported AR/MR/VR/Web experiences allowing you to:

  • Improve collaborative internal and external design reviews
  • Sell your designs more effectively with immersive experiences
  • Train users how to assemble and/or interact with your products immersively
  • Increase design confidence throughout the product development process

Using the SOLIDWORKS Extended Reality Data

The files can be consumed directly in a variety of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Web experiences:

Interactive outputs of VR & Panoramic

Interactive VR Experiences

eDrawings Professional 2019 allows you to open SOLIDWORKS XR data and using any VR headset (from HTC Vive to a $15 Google Cardboard) view and interact with your models.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional allows you to create ‘360’ cameras, which render out a flattened-spherical image. This includes walkthroughs, camera flys, exploded views, fading the opacity of parts/models, Sun Studies and more.

Augmented Reality

SOLIDWORKS data can be imported into game engines like Unity and Unreal to create custom Augmented Reality (AR) and digital media experiences, tailored to your exact needs.

View the AR experience with a Microsoft Hololens, allowing multiple people to virtually interact with a product or process at the same time. Perfect for collaboration between engineers, customers, prospects and your sales team.

Learn about the Hololens 2 »

Web Experiences & Animations

Work with a combination of editing software and video game technology our technology partner Cinema Suite can bring your products to life by producing branded videos, and web experiences.

Animations and interactive web experiences are perfect for environmental visualization, trade show events, training and simulation.

View an example video »

SOLIDWORKS Extended Reality FAQs

Get answers to frequently asked questions

  • Which SOLIDWORKS products have the new XR Exporter?

    The XR Exporter is available with SOLIDWORKS 2019 Standard, Professional and Premium versions. DS SolidWorks has plans to include a similar XR Exporter from SOLIDWORKS Visualize in a future release.

  • What can I do with the new Extended Reality file type?

    The Extended Reality files (.glTF and .glb) can be consumed directly in a variety of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Web experiences. You can use the files:

    • In game engines like Unity and Unreal to create your own custom XR experiences, tailored to your exact needs.
    • Drag/Drop into Microsoft Office 365 products, like PowerPoint, for a truly interactive experience.
    • Open in supported apps included in Windows 10: 3D Viewer; 3D Builder; Paint 3D.
    • Or work with our Extended Reality Partner Cinema Suite to create customized AR/VR/MR/Web and animation content.
  • How do I gain access to the XR Exporter?

    In its first release, the new XR Exporter is a separate download from the main SOLIDWORKS 2019 installer. DS SolidWorks plan to have this feature included in the main SOLIDWORKS installer in SOLIDWORKS 2020 and beyond.

  • How do I download the XR Exporter?

    Please visit the SOLIDWORKS download page, login, and click the “SOLIDWORKS Extended Reality” link. Then complete the short web form, click the “Download” button at the bottom, and then run the downloaded installer. Once installed alongside SOLIDWORKS 2019 or newer, this unlocks the new “Extended Reality .glTF and .glb” file types in the ‘File > Save As’ menu.

  • Do you need to have an active Subscription Service account to access the XR Exporter?

    Yes, you have to be an active SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service Customer to access the XR Exporter download. Plus the XR Exporter will only work with SOLIDWORKS 2019 software and newer.

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