“Back to School” time for Javelin team means supporting deserving kids

Story by Karen Majerly on August 15, 2019

Sharp yellow pencils, fresh notebooks, a shiny new binder. There’s nothing like starting the school year with a colourful collection of school supplies in a brand new backpack.

But for thousands of children in Canada, the basic school supplies they need are simply out of reach. That’s why Javelin Technologies just donated 200 full backpacks to the Start2Finish school supplies drive.

Each year in August, employees of Javelin Technologies gather in Ontario for the annual “Back to School” event, which includes company updates, team meetings, training, and social activities. This year, instead of giving employees the traditional swag bag, Javelin’s planning committee decided to purchase school supplies for the Start2Finish program.

Start2Finish works with school boards to identify children with the greatest needs in lower-income communities across Canada. The goal is to “even the playing field” and prepare the children for a successful school year.

Employees pack school supplies into backpacks for Back to School 2019

Employees pack school supplies into backpacks for Back to School 2019

During a lunch break, every member of the Javelin team stuffed two backpacks full of the supplies requested by Start2Finish. Employees also wrote motivational notes to the children, encouraging them to work hard and be their best selves. Half of the backpacks will go to children in lower grades and half are suitable for senior elementary students in grade 4 and up.

Javelin’s Barb Johnson was part of the planning committee that organized the collection of school supplies. She says every Javelin employee happily participated.

“Everyone got behind the idea immediately. We all know we are fortunate and have the ability to give back. Filling the backpacks was a fun, hands-on activity for our entire team to do together.”

Start2Finish has a variety of programs for all ages, each one designed to help children find success at school and graduate. They are online at start2finishonline.org. For more information, contact the Start2Finish office at 1-888-320-8844, or contact Michelle Wray at michelle.wray@start2finishonline.org.


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