Improving Medical Device Design with Simulation Technology

This guide to maximizing productivity gains in the medical design industry provides an overview of the numerous challenges facing medical device designers.

Using examples from medical devices already developed, you will learn how a concurrent engineering approach can help you solve design and business challenges and gain assurance of product quality, reliability, and safety.

Medical product designers and developers face a number of business and engineering challenges specific to their industry. Patient safety is as important a consideration as efficiency, effectiveness, and cost-containment in the design of such products as implants, drug delivery systems, diagnostic equipment, clinical laboratory instruments, surgical devices, and pharmaceutical packaging.

Medical device flow simulation

Medical device flow simulation


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Learn how SOLIDWORKS Simulation software can help your medical device design process, topics in the guide include:

  • Business challenges
  • Engineering challenges
  • Design validation
  • Example simulation solutions
    • Static analysis
    • Thermal
    • Frequency and vibration
    • Contact
    • Non-linear
    • Fatigue
    • Optimization
    • Computation fluid dynamics (CFD)
    • Motion
    • Sustainability
    • Plastics

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