SOLIDWORKS Simulation helps DV Systems reduce material costs of their industrial products

DV Systems Inc. is a Barrie, Ontario-based industrial products company, their reputation for the highest quality, in both products and customer service, is second to none, and dates back to the company’s inception in the early 1900’s.

This reputation has made DV Systems the premier choice for many of North America’s leading independent distributors of air compressors. They have also assisted in the smooth operation of numerous manufacturing and service operations.


Dynamic analysis, along with marketing and sales were some of DV Systems biggest goals, as is common for many industrial companies.

SOLIDWORKS helped DV Systems achieve these goals with SOLIDWORKS Simulation, the fully integrated and associative analysis program for design optimization. Advanced design features, especially SOLIDWORKS Motion Manager, were helpful not only in the design phase, but were also used as a valuable selling tool by sales and marketing in the field to set DV Systems apart from the competition.


Engineering Assistant Jade Cho’s words best describe how they overcame their challenges in marketing/sales and design analysis: “SOLIDWORKS has helped our customers to have a better understanding of our compressor design criteria. We are the only manufacturer of Piston Air Compressors in Canada, and this has been a great tool to demonstrate our capability in designing a superior product.”

SOLIDWORKS Simulation made dynamic analysis much more efficient as well, the ease of verifying the center of gravity on a complete pump assembly for dynamic analysis was much more efficient with SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS Simulation,” said Cho.


  • DV Systems capability in product development has been enhanced since they started using SOLIDWORKS in the last eight months.
  • Material utilization in designing the components has reduced their material cost by 20% and also reduced their machining time by 15%.

Customer Details

“With SOLIDWORKS we are able to showcase our products in the design stage and stand out from our competitors.”— Jade Cho, Engineering Assistant.