SOLIDWORKS PDM 2021 introduces expanded configurability and increased performance to help you manage your team’s file-based processes and deliverables better than ever:

Enhancements in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2021 include:

  • Explore and document references with the highly-requested Treehouse View:
    • Treehouse View can be used in place of list in Contains and Where Used tabs.
    • Graphical representation of file structure.
    • Three layouts available to provide right amount of content.
    • Thumbnail preview also available.
  • More consistent Windows® Explorer integration, better thumbnail support.
    • The ribbon control of Microsoft® Windows® File Explorer is available in SOLIDWORKS PDM File Explorer.
    • You can use the Quick Access Toolbar to easily access commonly used commands.
    • Support for Back and Forward from Windows Explorer Address bar.
    • Use keyboard shortcuts for commonly used commands:
      • Check In Ctrl + I
      • Check Out Ctrl + O
      • Undo Check Out Ctrl + U
      • Change State Ctrl + T
  • Performance improvements that make many file operations and workflows significantly faster:
    • Add Files, Check-in, and Change State improvements in system performance help you to quickly open, add, check in, and change the state of files with large reference structure. The Add Files operation is between 1.5 and 3 times faster. The Check-in and Change State operations are approximately 25% faster.
    • The Check-in dialog box itself displays much more quickly (in seconds rather than minutes) for very large assemblies or parts with a high number of configurations.
    • You can more quickly destroy files or folders. The operation is many times faster when you are destroying a large number of files.
  • Web2 Data Card Enhancements. SOLIDWORKS PDM offers more ways to configure the layout of the data card for Web2 and improve the readability of your data. Available in SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional.
  • The support for the derived part references is improved and you can view them in the file view tabs and SOLIDWORKS PDM Add-in.
  • Great flexibility in controlling custom column sets.
  • Icon selection available for workflow states; transitions improved to help determine status of files quickly.
  • Reduced risk of mistakes and improved efficiency with support for BOM settings.
    • SOLIDWORKS PDM supports all “Show,” “Hide” and “Promote” options used with SOLIDWORKS bill of materials
    • In SOLIDWORKS, in the Configuration Properties PropertyManager, the parameters that you specify in the Bill of Materials Options are also supported in computed BOMs of SOLIDWORKS PDM.

With SOLIDWORKS PDM 2021 you can save significant time when performing common PDM operations. Learn to use quickly and easily when familiar with Windows® Explorer.

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