SOLIDWORKS PDM Price and Feature Comparison

In this video we compare the different data management solutions (SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard, SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional, SOLIDWORKS Manage and 3DEXPERIENCE Works PDM / ENOVIA) available from Javelin and DS SOLIDWORKS along with approximate price and cost involved to implement and maintain the systems.

Watch our Cost of SOLIDWORKS Data Management playlist below to learn more:


SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard, powered by Microsoft® SQL Server Express and fully embedded into SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD and Windows® Explorer, provides an intuitive set of configurable tools to manage your SOLIDWORKS files.

  • Pros:
  • Cons:
    • Limited performance as it’s build on Microsoft® SQL Server Express.
    • Limited capabilities when compared to the other solutions, such as no data card lists.
    • No replication to get data to different offices.
    • No API.
    • Limited to 1 workflow and 10 states with single transitions.
    • No system integrations like ERP, MS office, or other CAD systems.


SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional, powered by Microsoft SQL Server Standard extends the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard to allow your entire enterprise to easily share data and collaborate on designs.

  • Pros:
    • Fully functional data management.
    • A very nice API making it almost limitless what you can do with this solution.
    • Integrates with other products like DriveWorks, SOLIDWORKS Composer, SOLIDWORKS Electrical, and other CAD systems.
    • Can integrate with ERP systems.
    • Can replicate data to maintain data access and performance, even globally.
    • Has unlimited workflows to manage just about any data source.
    • Makes Bill of Materials access flexible and convenient.
  • Cons:
    • Is a document centric solution.
    • Document management only.
    • Not true processes.


SOLIDWORKS Manage provides a unique set of advanced data management tools. This is accomplished by leveraging the file management capabilities and ease of use of SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional and adding powerful project, process, and item management capabilities.

  • Pros:
    • Integrates with SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional.
    • Adds process management and project management.
    • Can distill and display data through dashboards and reports.
    • Very customizable.
    • Powerful Bill of Materials management like BOM Variants and types or even starting a new product from a BOM.
  • Cons:
    • No API yet so it’s very configurable but not customizable.
    • It does have it’s own user interface that people will need to learn.


3DEXPERIENCE Works is a portfolio of connected, powerful and collaborative Data and Product Lifecycle Management solutions on the cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE® platform. It empowers your team to collaborate and share your SOLIDWORKS® 3D designs and data on the cloud.

  • Pros:
    • Quick out of the box functionality.
    • No hardware requirements.
    • No client installs and again integrates will SOLIDWORKS and Microsoft office products.
  • Cons:
    • Workflows are pre-defined.
    • The performance is dictated by your internet speed.
    • There are currently no ERP integrations.
    • Minimal configurability.
    • It currently only has revisioning where SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard and Professional have revisioning and versioning.


In the table below is a breakdown of the initial SOLIDWORKS PDM price, ongoing annual cost and typical return on investment time for each data management solution:

NOTE: Price shown in the table below are very approximate US dollar estimates, contact us for an accurate quote.

PDM Standard
PDM Professional
Number of users1-10 users5-100+ users5-100+ users5-100+ users
Solution typeOn-premiseOn-premiseOn-premiseCloud
Initial software price$2,500$30,000$45,000$15,500
Implementation / training costs$7,000$10,000$20,000$2,500
Average first year total*$9,500$40,000$65,000$18,000
Ongoing annual software costs$600$5,200$8,500$15,500
Typical ROI6-8 months 8-10 months10-12 months10-12 months


*Based on 5 CAD users & 5 other department users
** Costs shown in US dollars

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