SOLIDWORKS Price Change for Desktop and Network Licenses

Story by Paige Woolley on March 3, 2022

Starting on April 1, 2022, Dassault Systemes will be making changes to the price of SOLIDWORKS desktop term, perpetual and network licenses.

These changes affect SOLIDWORKS Network, Term and Standalone perpetual desktop licenses including:

  2. SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional
  4. SOLIDWORKS Simulation
  5. SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation
  6. SOLIDWORKS Plastics
  7. SOLIDWORKS Composer
  8. SOLIDWORKS Inspection
  11. SOLIDWORKS Electrical
  12. SOLIDWORKS Visualize
  13. DraftSight Enterprise and Enterprise Plus network software

SOLIDWORKS Pricing Decrease

All SOLIDWORKS Desktop Term licenses will decrease in price. Example: SOLIDWORKS CAD Standard Term license will be decreased by 8%.

SOLIDWORKS Pricing Increase

  • All SOLIDWORKS desktop perpetual (license you own) licenses for single users/standalones will increase by 5%.
  • All SOLIDWORKS network licenses will increase by 19%.
  • All SOLIDWORKS network subscription will increase by 14%.
  • All DraftSight Enterprise and Enterprise Plus network software licenses will increase by 33%.

No Pricing Changes

There will be no pricing changes for SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD Desktop Standalone/Perpetual Subscription Service.

What is a SOLIDWORKS Term License?

SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing is a licensing option that lowers the upfront cost of SOLIDWORKS software and allows for more flexible deployment options for start-ups, makers, consultants, contractors and businesses of any size.

Term Licensing is essentially renting a SOLIDWORKS License for a 3 month or 1 year term rather than purchasing a perpetual license which you own.

Term Licensing is for individuals and companies that want access to SOLIDWORKS best-in-class design solutions with lower upfront costs compared to traditional perpetual licensing.

With a term license you can use SOLIDWORKS products with a quarterly subscription. A term license gives SOLIDWORKS users access to a variety of SOLIDWORKS applications with the same full version as a perpetual license — but with a flexible and affordable approach that’s easy on a software budget and easy to manage.


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