SOLIDWORKS Simulation Distributed Loading

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Distributed Loading provides a better understanding of real world conditions and performance; allowing you to make critical design decisions with confidence.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation gives every designer the tools to evaluate how their Designs will Perform in the Real World

The new SOLIDWORKS Simulation Distributed Loading feature is a huge time saver; simplifying setup and providing full control to easily vary both the load magnitude and direction.

Using Stress Hot Spot Diagnostics, designers can quickly isolate causes of stress and displacement to identify stress concentrations due to sharp model edges near fixtures and loads.

Distributed Loading enables designers to more realistically simulate how loads are transferred to connections. Different connection studies can be compared, providing the opportunity to increase confidence that designs will work as intended.

With these new features in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2019, designers can quickly achieve goals and make smart decisions critical for speeding the process from design to profit.



With powerful and intuitive SOLIDWORKS® Simulation solutions, product engineers can virtually test new ideas, quickly evaluate performance, improve quality, and get the knowledge for product innovation.

Manufacturing companies across all industries have made 3D virtual simulation a valuable engineering tool to synthesize and define their physical products.

Sophisticated simulation is no longer just for specialists. It’s the inspiration that fuels innovation. Product engineers can make their technical decisions driven by simulation insights, uncovering significant product and business benefits.

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