Using SOLIDWORKS data to create virtual reality experiences that inform and persuade

Story by Karen Majerly on February 13, 2019

The people at Javelin Technologies are always developing expertise in new products and processes that will be relevant and effective for the customers they have come to know so well. In the fall of 2018, a next-level virtual reality (VR) project began to develop, the result of an exciting and strategic collaboration.

Making connections: AMD, meet Septimatech

AMD, Advanced Micro Devices, has global operations spanning 23 countries. Their business is high-performance computing, graphics, and visualization technologies. In the CAD world, users rely on AMD Radeon™ Pro graphics cards.

During discussions between AMD and Javelin about working together on a VR project, Javelin suggested using a real 3D design data set and immediately thought of bringing in Septimatech. Septimatech delivers intelligent packaging machine changeover solutions in industries such as personal care, food and beverage, household and industrial, and pharmaceutical. Their products and services improve machine productivity through optimized product handling and intelligent changeover solutions for customers’ packaging lines.

Making connections: AMD, meet Septimatech

The project

This meeting of technology and minds resulted in a SOLIDWORKS VR experience that lets you feel like you’re standing on the production floor watching bottles being processed on the packaging line. Using Septimatech’s actual SOLIDWORKS data, the AMD team rapidly brought the line to life using Unreal Studio and the Datasmith CAD import toolkit. Both a single-user experience and a collaborative, multi-user experience were created.

After donning your VR glasses, you can move in the space of the assembly, or use the remote trigger to teleport yourself to different places on the line. The assembly is not static; you see the bottles being transferred through the feed screws and rotating through the star wheels into the packaging machine.

To see more detail, you can hide, move, or make transparent any component. You can also explode various sub-assemblies.

Septimatech Assembly for SOLIDWORKS VR Experience

Septimatech Assembly

“Javelin has been an excellent partner for us. They came on site to assess how we use SOLIDWORKS, and then designed a customized training program tailored to meet our need to get maximum value from the software. Their advice about hardware and software upgrades has also been valuable. The partnership with Javelin continues to evolve; they continually share ways for us to optimize how we use our CAD data to be integrated across our organization. Connecting us with AMD, knowing that we have a vision and need for this type of expertise, demonstrates the partnership we have developed.”

— Quinn Martin, VP Operations & Product Development, Septimatech Group Inc

See the live demo at SOLIDWORKS World 2019

Why virtual reality?

  • Sales meetings
  • Marketing
  • Design reviews, with or without customers
  • Manufacturing planning
  • Training for installers and repair technicians
  • Accurate troubleshooting in the field (technician can compare VR images to on site conditions)

Javelin will help you optimize your SOLIDWORKS data so you too can create an extraordinary VR experience.

Have you upgraded to SOLIDWORKS 2019?

The new graphics engine allows you to change your viewpoint or move a component on screen 20 to 30 times faster and generate graphics up to 30% faster than in SOLIDWORKS 2018. Contact us: we can ensure your SOLIDWORKS upgrade runs smoothly.

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