Typical Challenges

Product development has historically involved two divided processes: first, designing a product, and then manufacturing it. The use of separate, non-integrated CAD (design) and CAM (manufacturing) tools to develop products has created a communications barrier between design and manufacturing, resulting in cost, time, and quality issues.

The common manufacturing challenges we hear are:

  • Design changes are hard to communicate to manufacturing.
  • Work instructions are unclear and need to be managed more effectively.
  • We need to reduce tooling costs and adopt a lean manufacturing strategy.
TRACK Solution

Our manufacturing solutions will provide you with:

  • TECHNOLOGY that communicates product and manufacturing information effectively in 3D.
  • A manufacturing planning PROCESS linked to product designs and change management.
  • MANUFACTURE custom fixtures and tooling with a 3D printer, reducing manufacturing costs.
  • PEOPLE solutions that helps manufacturers learn new techniques.


Companies embracing model-based definition methodologies report savings in multiple areas, including a reduction in manufacturing error, a decrease in scrap and rework costs, and lower procurement costs for purchased parts.

Communicate in 3D to ensure that you receive the latest and most accurate data

With SOLIDWORKS MBD technology you can receive product and manufacturing information (PMI) directly in 3D, bypassing time-consuming 2D processes, and eliminating potential problems.

Using SOLIDWORKS Simulation designers will verify designs before moving onto production, and with SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional, will ensure that you have the right version.


With Aras Manufacturing Process Planning (MPP), product teams can define manufacturing processes at the same time and at multiple plants, therefore bridging the gap between engineering and manufacturing.

Aras Innovator PLM will help with your Manufacturing Process Planning (MPP) BOM Management

Bring together the Manufacturing Process Plan, Work Instructions and MBOM making them interdependent and automatically synchronized as changes occur.

You can eliminate time-consuming manual processes and costly EBOM/MBOM conflicts, as well as improve efficiency by synchronizing process plans, MBOMs and work instructions.


Adopt an innovative Lean manufacturing strategy by 3D printing manufacturing tools on demand.

Custom tools built directly from CAD can be ready for use in as little as a day.

Prove the quality of your design before going to production with a 3D printed prototype

With Stratasys 3D printers manufacturers are able to 3D print their manufacturing tools, this allows them to gain the agility to embrace customization, respond quickly to market changes, and shrink the cost and risk associated with traditional tool production.

3D printed tooling examples include jigs and fixtures, composite tooling, molds, forming tools and casting masters. Learn more about 3D printing tools and production 3D printers below:


Training programs are not “one-size fits all”. That is why we provide a flexible training approach to personalize your training experience. Javelin has an extensive offering of training products and solutions.

Essential training for quality control to create and collaborate more effectively

Our tailored training solution provides a learning path and course content that is designed to target the specific needs of design and engineering people.

Also If you need custom courseware for your people then we can also provide that service. The Javelin training team can customize existing training courses or even create brand new courseware specifically for your business.

Here are the courses you'll need to optimize your manufacturing:

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