Streamline Your Quality Inspection Process with SOLIDWORKS 2019

The quality department are often the ones tasked with carrying out the quality inspection documentation process. This process usually involves the creation of many types of documents and reports. This manual process can often be linear, time consuming, and prone to error.

Watch our video demonstration as Senior Application Specialist Vicky Guignard takes a closer look at SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2019, and outlines the benefits that will help you improve product quality and save money:

SOLIDWORKS Inspection Benefits

Reduce time-to-market

SOLIDWORKS Inspection helps drastically reduce the time needed to generate inspection reports. In just a few clicks, you can create industry-compliant inspection reports (such as AS9102, PPAP, ISO 13485) or use the powerful template editor to develop a report that matches your company’s needs.

Faster than manual methods

Using manual inspection methods can mean hundreds of characteristics, dimensions, tolerances, and notes have to be manually entered into a Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet. SOLIDWORKS Inspection helps avoid errors and inconsistencies traditionally associated with manual data input.

Eliminate change costs

If changes to the model by an engineer or customer are required, this can cause drawing revisions that require quality inspectors to redo the work and input all the characteristics again. Automated document creation can help your company significantly improve costs when changes are made, as you can rerun the inspection process.

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