What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2021 Part 2: Simulation, Flow & Electrical

In this session of What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2021, we are taking a look at the enhancements in the design validation tools; Simulation and Flow Simulation. Plus, a look at SOLIDWORKS Electrical.

During the next 20 minutes, Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert; Vicky Guignard, will demonstrate the design validation and electrical enhancements available in the 2021 release:

SOLIDWORKS 2021 Simulation, Flow Simulation and Electrical enhancements checklist:

SOLIDWORKS Simulation:
  • Faster contact calculation
  • Contact stabilization
  • Geometry correction for contacts
  • Efficient robust meshing
  • Mesh diagnostics
  • Automatic solver selection
  • Conventional contact terminology
SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation:
  • Free surface with rotation
  • Flux plot energy balance
  • Improvements with goals
  • Plots from scene template
  • Plot min/max calculated from cropped region
  • Enhanced custom visualization parameters
SOLIDWORKS Electrical:
  • Route harness with splines and lines
  • Separate routing assemblies of cables
  • Terminal types manager
  • Terminal strip drawings

More information about these enhancements can be found in our SOLIDWORKS 2021 Top 10 Features blog article.

Vicky Guignard

Vicky Guignard, CSWE

The Presenter: Vicky Guignard, CSWE

Vicky has been working in the CAD industry since 2010 and has a background in machine design and steel structure design. Vicky works closely with the Javelin sales team, helping to solve complex customer challenges utilizing the SOLIDWORKS product line. She is also an instructor for Javelin and delivers private, and public training in Western Canada, as well as online through Javelin’s JOLT training. Vicky has been an Application Engineer with Javelin since 2014.

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