Analysis Guide for Electronics/Electrical Product Designers

In this Analysis Guide we outline the key design performance issues facing electronics and electrical product manufacturers, and identify the benefits of using SOLIDWORKS® Simulation software for electronics and electrical product design.

The paper describes the types of analyses that SOLIDWORKS Simulation software can perform and proves why these analyses are critical to electrical and electronic product engineering.

Electrical applications for design and analysis with SOLIDWORKS software include:

  • Electronics packaging: housings, enclosures, consoles, racks
  • Printed circuit boards: semiconductors, heat sinks, MEMS
  • Cooling systems: fans, motors, air flows
  • RF equipment: antennas, transmitters, switches
  • Wireless/telecommunications devices: cellular telephones, radios, routers
  • Optical networking equipment: amplifiers, switches, relays
  • Electrical components: automotive, transistors, capacitors, switches
  • Office and IT equipment: computers, servers, printers, copiers
  • Appliances: washers, dryers, refrigerators, stoves
  • Consumer electronics: laptops, PDAs, stereos, DVD players, digital cameras
Flow in Electronic Enclosure

Flow in Electronic Enclosure

Download the Analysis Guide to learn how using a range of analysis technologies, SOLIDWORKS Simulation helps engineers to ensure that a product’s behavior will be within design limits, reliable, and free of the risk of thermal, electromagnetic, or stress-induced failures.