Going beyond the basic SOLIDWORKS Simulation Tools

SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software includes basic SOLIDWORKS Simulation tools: SimulationXpress and FloXpress. While these are great starting points for simulation, robust designs require advanced analysis.

The SOLIDWORKS SimulationXpress add-in provides first pass testing of your SOLIDWORKS Parts. While SOLIDWORKS FloXpress is specifically designed to analyze fluid flow in a fully enclosed volume that includes at least one inlet and one outlet.

  • But what are the limitations of the Xpress tools in SOLIDWORKS?
  • How can I analyze assemblies and multiple bodies?
  • How confident can I be in my simulation results?

This on-demand webinar will explore the full simulation product line from SOLIDWORKS, and how professional simulation tools can take your analysis to the next level.

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With powerful and intuitive SOLIDWORKS® Simulation solutions, product engineers can virtually test new ideas, quickly and efficiently evaluate performance, improve quality, and get the knowledge for product innovation.

Manufacturing companies across all industries have made 3D virtual simulation a valuable engineering tool to synthesize and define their physical products.

Sophisticated simulation is no longer just for specialists. It’s the inspiration that fuels innovation. Product engineers can make their technical decisions driven by simulation insights, uncovering significant product and business benefits.

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