How to optimize your designs for additive manufacturing

With great additive manufacturing technology comes the need for great design validation. With SOLIDWORKS Simulation, you can be confident your design will be optimized for the new and expanding limits of the industry.

Why is it different from traditional manufacturing?

As exciting as it is to move away from traditional manufacturing methods, there are several key differences to keep in mind when designing for additive processes. Because the analysis of more complex geometries has been greatly facilitated by alternative manufacturing, additional specifications must be taken into account. A design made out of the same material might buckle with a certain infill parameter in which traditional manufacturing might not, for example. Both designing and testing with these considerations in mind is crucial for successful delivery.

How to optimize your designs for additive manufacturing

Our senior application engineer Angus Hudson walks us through optimizing your geometry using Topology Study and other Simulation features in the final installment of our design validation series.

Featured Technology

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2019 Software

The 2019 edition of SOLIDWORKS Simulation brings advanced functionality to further automate your manufacturing processes. These new features include, but are not limited to:

  • The global stiffness matrix only repeating itself if a different loading that changes the matrix is implemented
  • Improved user interface to facilitate best practices within the program
  • A new array of geometry-based controls for various Simulation products
  • Ability to quickly and smoothly transfer from linear to non-linear analysis without losing any information
  • You may remember that SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018 allowed for ten faces per pin connector. This feature is now available in nonlinear analysis, both static and dynamic.


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