Optimize High-Tech Designs with Simulation-Driven Development

The market for high-tech products has evolved and changed dramatically. Validating and optimizing high-tech design boosts innovation, improves quality, and accelerates development

Widening market segmentation, greater product complexity, an uptick in demand for personalized products and growing global competition all place greater demands on manufacturers. They must develop and bring more innovative products to market faster than ever and need the right tools to support that effort.

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This eBook will show simulation-driven design can help:

  • Minimize physical prototyping to reduce costs
  • Mitigate manufacturing risk and identifies potential field failure or warranty issues
  • Increase innovation and improve quality
  • Optimize design performance
  • Shorten time to market

Evolution of High-tech Market

Today’s manufacturers of high-tech products face a range of product development and manufacturing challenges associated with an evolving, segmenting market. While innovation in product development and manufacturing have always been critical success factors in this market, innovation is becoming event more crucial to success because of the high-tech market’s much shorter innovation cycle, more frequent rate of product introductions, and growing customer reliance on and expectations for the latest tech products.

With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), today’s high-tech products are becoming “smarter” and more interconnected—leveraging sensors, networks, and intelligent software on mobile devices and in the cloud to give consumers the ability to adapt and customize their individual experiences.

While IoT is driving market growth—combined high-tech product sales are in the trillions of dollars (US) and projected to grow by 16 percent through 2020—it is also evolving into the Internet of Experiences (IoE) via a new class of connected, cross-industry applications and game changing business models that go beyond physical products to include software, connectivity, big data, networks, and content ecosystems. The impact of these trends on the overall hightech market is accelerating the market segmentation and demand for customization and personalization that were already underway, resulting in six distinct market segments:

  • Computing and Communications Equipment
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Manufacturing Services
  • Security, Control, and Instrumentation
  • Semiconductors
  • Technology Suppliers

DOWNLOAD THE EBOOK and see how integrated simulation solutions can help boost innovation, improve quality, and control costs—all while getting new products to market faster.

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