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Managing your increasing amounts of product design data—ranging from CAD models, engineering drawings, and analysis plots to G code, photorealistic renderings, and bills of materials (BOMs)—has become a necessity for today’s product development organizations.

There’s simply no way to save the time and money spent on manually managing your growing mountain of product design data without a modern, efficient PDM system.

PDM Consulting & Advice that you need!

In addition to helping product developers save time and money while simultaneously creating higher quality, more innovative products, having the right PDM system can help you to better manage growth by supporting downstream functions and making your entire enterprise more efficient and responsive to market demands.

This is where Javelin PDM Consulting Services can help. We will help you to determine which PDM system is right for your business and assist you with the implementation, administration and workflow specific to your business. Learn more about the PDM software and services that Javelin can provide you:

Choosing the right PDM System

Helping you make the right data management choices

Cloud Technology

Cloud or On-premise PDM

With Javelin's PDM solutions you can get the right deployment model, from on-premise systemcloud or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

Javelin offers a broad choice of PDM deployment options that will allow you to pick the solution that is best for your business. Javelin is committed to giving you the flexibility and freedom you need to manage your data effectively.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard in the office

Basic or Advanced PDM

Javelin PDM Consultants will determine which PDM system is right for your business. With many DS SOLIDWORKS PDM systems to choose from there is a system designed for you.

We ensure that you get the right system that works with your team structure and workflow within your budget. With room to build on your chosen system we will help you to get started and expand as your team and data gets larger and more complex.

Aras Innovator PLM

PDM or PLM System

Do we need full-blown PLM, or will a PDM system meet our current and future needs?

We can help you answer that important question. PDM focuses on managing design data as it relates to product development, PLM centers on reengineering product development and manufacturing processes as they relate to product lifecycles. Javelin can provide you with a PDM or PLM system.


Certified PDM Services

Helping you to Implement, Administrate, Optimize or Upgrade your PDM System

SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration

SOLIDWORKS PDM & Manage Administration Service

Ensure your SOLIDWORKS PDM or Manage System is managed effectively with Javelin’s Administration Service. Rely on Certified PDM Experts and free your IT team.

Javelin Cloud Services

Javelin Cloud Services

Javelin Cloud Services AWS Certified Team delivers cloud infrastructure and application migration solutions to small and medium sized businesses. We can help you to Plan, Design, Build, Migrate, Run, Operate, and Optimize your remote cloud service

SOLIDWORKS PDM Implementation Service

SOLIDWORKS PDM Implementation Service

Javelin provides a SOLIDWORKS PDM implementation service that will ensure your PDM system is installed correctly and optimized for your business.



Get a comprehensive SOLIDWORKS PDM Audit to ensure maximum protection of your data, and full utilization of the latest SOLIDWORKS features.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Upgrade Service

SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard or Professional Upgrade Service

If you are upgrading your SOLIDWORKS PDM system and need to ensure the upgrade goes smoothly and downtime is kept to a minimum then you need our PDM Upgrade Service.

How does Javelin PDM Consulting work?

To achieve PDM success, you need a thorough PDM consult that addresses the high priority areas of your business and results in user adoption. Working with Javelin you will be dealing with PDM experts that know your business and how PDM will drive your competitive advantage.


Javelin Consulting Includes:

  1. Requirements & Project Planning
  2. Pilot Proof of Concept
  3. Data Loading & Data Migration
  4. Configuration & Customization
  5. Systems Integration
  6. PDM Team Training
  7. Admin Training
  8. User Training
  9. Upgrades and follow-up
  10. Ongoing Support


"A big thank you to Javelin Tech Services team for their help with implementing and ensuring a successful transition to SOLIDWORKS PDM! The PDM training program was well organized, prepared and executed. We’re now well on our way to efficiently managing data files and documentation."

— Chad St-Louis, President, STL Engineering 

Javelin PDM Customer Success Stories

Learn how customers have been successful with Javelin PDM solutions

Bowhead e-Bike Maker
Canadian maker of adaptive e-bikes moves PDM to the cloud with 3DEXPERIENCE and support from Javelin
SOLIDWORKS Manage Process grid view (in this case for Routings): shows the flexibility and range of applications for routings. Phil Mauer references this to make sure parts on a released BOM are moving through check, purchasing and manufacturing.
SOLIDWORKS Manage, customized by Javelin, helps Phil Mauer & Associates improve processes company wide
DECKED design team optimizes large assembly work and PDM tools with help from Javelin – a TriMech Company
Nautel draftsperson Kyle Oickle.
Nautel uses a combination of SOLIDWORKS products at every stage of production
Automotive Part
Improving Canadian automotive die-cast tooling development with SOLIDWORKS PDM
Tigercat Equipment
Managing Canadian forestry equipment development with SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional

Why choose Javelin for your PDM Consulting?

The most experienced PDM service provider in Canada

Expert PDM Service

We recognize that your data is one of your most valuable assets. Data needs to be managed, secured, and leveraged. Having a service provider who you can trust with your data is important. Here are a few good reasons to choose Javelin for your PDM service:

  • Experienced PDM Technicians

    Our PDM technicians are certified experts and have implemented and upgraded hundreds of PDM systems across Canada. 

  • SOLIDWORKS Certified Service

    We perform installations and upgrades following SOLIDWORKS’ procedures, thus ensuring that you will not have an unsupported scenario.

  • Convenient Service

    SOLIDWORKS PDM Services can be carried out on-site at your location or delivered remotely in order to minimize disruption to your work day and reduce down time.

A Certified PDM Support Team

You will have access to a certified PDM staff with real industry experience and 20+ years helping customers connect their business systems and solving PDM issues. We are currently expanding our PDM team and continually educating existing team members with the latest PDM best practices.

Javelin Tech Support Team

Need PDM Consulting?

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