SOLIDWORKS Customization & Apps

Need to adapt SOLIDWORKS to match your business process?

Because SOLIDWORKS software has a flexible Application Programming Interface (API) we are able to adapt the system to meet customer needs. Typical customer requests include:

  • We need to customize the SOLIDWORKS interface to match our workflow.
  • We want to modify the SOLIDWORKS standard features and adapt them to how we want to build our models.
  • We want to automate SOLIDWORKS to become more efficient by reducing manual input and repetitive tasks.
SOLIDWORKS Customization
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  • The Javelin SOLIDWORKS Service Team helps customers to customize their SOLIDWORKS CAD and PDM software to adapt the system to match their business process.
  • New SOLIDWORKS applications can be created from your specifications so that you have a completely custom system tailored to your needs.

SOLIDWORKS Customization Overview

Javelin has in-house programmers that can modify the SOLIDWORKS Application Programming Interface (API) to customize the software to meet your requirements. Listed below is a selection of the SOLIDWORKS custom applications developed by Javelin.

Custom Application Examples
  • Feed Screw Creator application for SOLIDWORKS.
  • Automated Model and Drawing information created from an existing database.
  • BOM Part Number Validation against item masters in an ERP system.
  • Advanced Plant/Factory Layout Automation Add-in.
  • Automated PDF and Flame Cut File generation for distribution to manufacturing from engineering.
  • Custom software to transfer AutoCAD Bill of Materials to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional.
  • DGN to SOLIDWORKS translator.
  • Material and Labour Cost Estimator Add-in for SOLIDWORKS part and assembly documents.
Typical Services
  • Create custom applications: We will design and build a custom application in SOLIDWORKS to enhance the software for your business need.
  • Modify SOLIDWORKS: If there is a SOLIDWORKS feature that you want modified or a custom PDM workflow that is critical to your business then we can help.
  • Connect SOLIDWORKS to business systems: We can help you to connect SOLIDWORKS PDM to your ERP, MRP or CRM system.
  • Teach you how to create applications: Our programmers can teach you how to use the SOLIDWORKS API to create your own applications.

SOLIDWORKS Software We Customize

Utilizing the SOLIDWORKS and PDM API

Need to customize SOLIDWORKS?

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