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Automating the CAM Expertise with SOLIDWORKS CAM Smart Manufacturing Software

Ask manufacturers about the biggest challenge facing their industry and most will mention a shrinking pool of experienced talent near the top. A combination of the current workforce aging out and a lack of new trained talent coming in is draining today’s manufacturers of reliable CNC programmers and their expert knowledge of manufacturing techniques. It’s causing a widening skills gap, but if you’re a shop owner or manager, you probably already know this. You’ll also be aware that a lack of experience is costing time and money in both your design and manufacturing processes.

In this white paper learn how manufacturers are solving their CNC skills gap challenges with SOLIDWORKS CAM Knowledge Based Smart Manufacturing software. With SOLIDWORKS CAM, the essential machining knowledge can be captured and reused. What’s especially powerful is that manufacturing knowledge can be enforced as standards to answer questions such these:

  • Which toolpath is best for a specific tolerance?
  • Which tool would be best for this geometry?
  • How deep should the tool go on the first pass?
  • What finishing operations are best for this surface finish?
  • Should it be milled or drilled?

Download the Smart Manufacturing White Paper to learn more and check out a quick demo of SOLIDWORKS CAM below:

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