Getting Started with SOLIDWORKS Simulation

Do you have a license of SOLIDWORKS Premium, and always wanted to try the simulation tool? Not sure where to start? Think it’s going to be too hard, or that you won’t know how to set it up? Don’t worry – SOLIDWORKS makes it EASY.

In this SOLIDWORKS Simulation getting started on-demand webinar we will walk you through how to run your first simulation study on a part — and how to interpret the results. You’ll learn how to set up a virtual test, discover how your part will behave, and find out how close it is to breaking.

Benefits of SOLIDWORKS Simulation

With integrated SOLIDWORKS Simulation solutions, you can run accurate FEA simulations right inside SOLIDWORKS CAD software, giving you fast access to structural analysis results early in the development process, such as stress level, deformed shape, product lifespan, etc. With this vital information, you can make critical design decisions that help you:

  • Create product innovations
  • Accelerate time-to-market
  • Optimize material usage
  • Eliminate design uncertainty
  • Minimize field performance issue
  • Decrease warranty claims and returns
  • Boost profitability.
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With powerful and intuitive SOLIDWORKS® Simulation solutions, product engineers can virtually test new ideas, quickly and efficiently evaluate performance, improve quality, and get the knowledge for product innovation.

Manufacturing companies across all industries have made 3D virtual simulation a valuable engineering tool to synthesize and define their physical products.

Sophisticated simulation is no longer just for specialists. It’s the inspiration that fuels innovation. Product engineers can make their technical decisions driven by simulation insights, uncovering significant product and business benefits.

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