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Syqe Medical drug delivery system

Creating an advanced drug delivery system at breathtaking speed

Syqe Medical are able to prototype and produce their drug delivery system devices using a Stratasys 3D printer. The Syqe inhaler includes 80% 3D printed parts.

Manufacturing 3D printing

61-year-old manufacturing company reinvents itself with 3D printing

Learn how Thogus moved to a small-volume Stratasys 3D printing manufacturing process in order to compete with high-cost fabrication shops.

Synergy 3D printing prototypes

Reinventing Invention with 3D Printed Prototypes

Synergy, a product development company, helps their clients make confident decisions with ultra-realistic 3D printed prototypes using a Stratasys J750.

Acist Medical Lean Manufacturing

Medical Lean Manufacturing with SOLIDWORKS & Stratasys 3D Printer

Acist (Advanced Contrast Imaging System Technology) is a medical-device company that specializes in developing contrast injection systems in the fields of cardiology and radiology. Acist’s devices infuse dye into the vascular system, letting physicians visualize anatomies.

Solaxis 3D Printed Tooling

Solaxis 3D print an Automotive Jig cutting weight and improving accuracy

With the help of Stratasys 3D printers, Solaxis designed and manufactured a jig for an automotive supplier, which uses it to assemble high-volume plastic door seals.

Global Vehicle Systems

Global Vehicle Systems relies on advice, training & support from Javelin – a TriMech Company

The team of mechanical and electrical designers at Global Vehicle Systems relies on Javelin’s help, from technical support to training. In this case study video, we talked to Stephane Boucher, Vice President of Operations, about the values his company shares with Javelin, and how the partnership has evolved